How to restore files that lost their alias link ?

So I went from a Macbook to a Macbook Pro, and I copied my entire profile using the migrate prog. But now on the Macbook pro, the project tells me several files are missing. It’s going from one file till as much as six on one project.

In the log I can perfectly see which files are missing, and they are just sitting in the same folder as the _data and .aup files. But still the .aup project don 't find them. How can I restore the link between the project and the wav files ?

Macbook: OS 10.7.5
Macbook Pro: OS 10.8.4
On both Audacity 2.0.3 has been installed from a dmg file

Do the songs still open on the MacBook?


Either put the files in the path the AUP file expects them to be in, or quit the project, copy the AUP file to another name as a backup, then edit the “aliasfile” entries in the AUP to point to where the files actually are. This has to be the correct fully qualified path to the files.


Yes, they still open perfectly. The missing files problem is only on the Macbook Pro.

I think Koz’s point if you still have the project working on the Macbook Pro is that you could export a WAV or AIFF file from that project, import that WAV or AIFF into Audacity on the new machine, then save it as a new project.

If the project has multiple tracks, select one track at a time and export selection as WAV or AIFF for each track.

If the project has some data like envelope points that cannot be included in the WAV or AIFF, then it should be simple to fix up the AUP file as described. If you need help doing that, please attach the AUP file and tell us the path to the folder where the aliasfiles are. You can find the path by opening FInder, right-clicking on one of the aliasfiles that Audacity needs, then choose “Get Info”.