How to remove vocals from the Mp3 Song with complete accurac


I need to remove vocals from an MP3 file completely, can anyone help me doing that. I want to remove the vocals for Navrai Majhi Song from English Vinglish Movie. Please help me in removing the vocals. I am new to vocal removing. Please help.

Link for the audio Song for which the vocal has to be removed.[Songs.PK]%2005%20-%20Navrai%20Majhi.mp3

Try reading for why vocal removal is imperfect and may not work at all.

If you want “perfect removal”, don’t waste your time using effects, but look for a karaoke version of the song.


Removing vocals is easy in cases where the vocal to be removed is panned dead centre in a stereo mix where all other sounds are panned to the left or right. At one time this was a common way of mixing songs, particularly pop songs, though the techniques has become less common over the past few decades. If the song is not mixed in this way (as in your example) then it becomes (virtually) impossible to separate the vocal from the other sounds.

There are a few specialised and expensive commercial products that may be able to partly separate the vocal in such “impossible” situations through visual identification of frequency patterns, but the process is laborious and imperfect as each “partial” for each note needs to be identified and selected. See Melodyne (full version) as an example of such software. The price of Melodyne has recently dropped down to 400 Euro making it a bit more affordable than it previously was. It would be much quicker, easier, cheaper and sound better if you can buy the song as a karaoke version.

Were there many real life songs where the vocals were panned dead centre and everything else was hard left or right with no part in the centre? If those conditions are not met, then even if the vocals are removed completely, some of the other audio will be damaged, so not the “complete accuracy” the poster wanted.


Complicated, of course, by the original being in MP3 which isn’t completely accurate to the original show.

Here’s a thread from someone else with the same goal.

As above, you can search for the karaoke version for purchase or talk the original studio into producing a karaoke version from the original session tapes. It’s still true that you can’t split up a mixed performance into instruments and voices.


That’s about the best to expect:
Note that the background vocals/choir can’t be removed.