How to Remove Vocals from a Song Using Audacity

Hello everyone !!

I tried a lot of things to remove the vocals from an mp3. I tried something called wavesaurs or something like that and i tried audacity, but none of them remove the vocals audacity just made the whole song quieter, and i tried other songs it only made the vocals quieter, but they are still there anyone know a good program that get rid of vocals completely? Please help greatly appreciated…


One program that is not mentioned there is “Melodyne” ( It is one of the best programs for this sort of thing, but it does not come cheap. A non-save trial version is available:

I tried a lot of things to remove the vocals from an mp3.

Depending on what you’re using the track for, maybe you can find a karaoke or MIDI version. (Karaoke songs are new recordings, not the original with vocals removed, and MIDI is synthesized instruments so there are no vocals/lyrics.)

“You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry an egg, and you can’t un-mix a song.” :frowning:

Your results will depend on the particular song… Vocal removal is a NOVELTY that can be fun to play with, but it RARELY gives you “useful” results or anything you’d actually want to listen to.

IF the vocals are perfectly centered and there is no off-center or out-of-phase vocal reverb, you CAN completely remove the vocals, but you’ll remove other centered-sounds too. If you try several recordings, you should be able to find some songs where you can completely remove the vocals (and other centered sounds).

…I have used vocal removal effect to make the rear channel track in a surround recording. This can sound OK (if you like the effect) because the “front” left & right channels are not altered. If you have a home theater receiver, there are Dolby Pro Logic II “matrix” modes that use the same “trick”, and regular Pro Logic uses something similar to “steer” the sound.