How to remove vocals from a mp3 song

I have Win 10 laptop and installed the latest Audacity 2.3.1 version on it.
I have a YouTube video link that has audio and lyrics scrolling over the audio. The outcome that I want is a karaoke video file that has vocals removed from it, but music is played in the background and lyrics highlighted so the singer can sing the lyrics.
Can I do that with Audacity? Please help me or guide with few tutorials if available. Any quick feedback is very much appreciated.

Audacity can “sometimes” remove or reduce the vocals in a song. Note that this only works with some songs and not others. More information here:

Audacity does not support video, other than extracting the audio from (some) video files.

Audacity has a karaoke feature, but you will need to add the lyrics yourself as “labels”. See: