How to remove this high pitch noise?

I tried spectral edit multi tool but it didn’t work.

That’s award-winning US power hum and buzz. Somebody has a microphone with a broken wire in the cable, a dead shield, or a bad connection. I wouldn’t be shocked if you touched the microphone and the problem got a lot worse. It’s also possible to touch the microphone and have the problem vanish completely. That’s what an unstable microphone will do.

Now you know why the grownups like to listen to the recording live as it’s being made.

Select the sample (button to the left of the track).

Effect > Hum Remover. USA. Experiment with the three values.


Also see: Effect > Low Pass Filter.


and Effect > Noise Gate.


and the perennial favorite, Effect > Noise Reduction.


Noise Reduction is a little magic because it’s in two steps. Drag-select some pure noise. No voice. Effect > Noise Reduction > Profile.

Then select the whole show.

Effect > Noise Reduction > Three Values > OK. I think 18 for a reduction value is too high.

All these tools affect the quality of the voices. It’s up to you to juggle the noise reduction versus the voice quality.


Quick note. I was expecting Effect > Hum Removal to take all this out. Since it didn’t, I suspect that wall power hum isn’t the only problem. So combinations of tools is the answer.

Good Luck.


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