How to remove the string squeak noise?

I am trying to remove the squeak sound (attached segment around 1.5 second mark) What effect(s) can I use? Thanks,

I would have put money on your trying to get rid of finger placement problems on a guitar.

I’m going with no. I can think of ways to isolate it and maybe mute it, but that would put a silent hole in the performance. If you wanted to be completely obsessive, you could copy that note from somewhere else in the performance and paste it in place of the existing clinker, but that would only take hours to get right.

You could also do a rapid fade between two tracks, one with the corrected sound and one with the clinker. You might be able to make that come out seamless.

You’re talking about messing with the tonal presentation of the notes and I would assume few people would be able to pull that off without hearing the edges of the correction.

Did you say you have more than one of these?

That was a terrific recording. How did you do it?


No, there’s no filter that can take out everything that’s not Brahms.


got it. I will work on the “finger placement” as suggested - but hey I had to try :wink: as a datapoint - i recorded using iPhone 4s, moved to iMovie, then exported just the audio. thanks again.

The room is not particularly obtrusive. Are you on a stage, padded bedroom, or outdoors while you’re playing?

I was surprised of what you could do with a simple Zoom H2.

He’s graduated to other microphones, but there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing there.

Describe everything. Field Recording is my thing. If you need a field recorded somewhere, I’m your man. I’m particularly attracted to St. Tropez this time of year. Lots of nice fields in St. Tropez.