how to remove the breathing and clicks in the gaps? [SOLVED]

I use Audacity 2.0.2 (downloaded as .dmg)on an iMac 10.9.2
Forgive me if this is in the forum - I am bewildered by the content!
I am recording my speaking voice and want to remove the sounds between phrases (my lips, breathing etc.)… is there a simple command to do this? It is time consuming to edit out every noise, and the resulting silences are too silent and so sound artificial!
Thanks, Andy

You can stop the odd-sounding blanks during the repairs by putting in “room tone” instead of just smashing everything to total silence. Capture a segment of whatever sound the room makes naturally. Basically press record and shut up. Very few rooms are totally silent. Use pieces of that instead of silence during editing. That’s a common way to make patches more natural. Of course it makes the process much more time consuming.

Describe the show. We are walking in in the middle of the movie and don’t know action, setting or plot.

“I’m doing a meditative lecture for posting on my weekly podcast.”

And no, there’s no easy way to do this. No magic button. If you want to experiment with the kind of thing you can get into, load a segment of your voice on the timeline and apply Effect > Noise Gate.

Noise Gate tries to automatically mute segments of sound that are quieter than a certain setting. That’s the one-sentence explanation. It appears to be a gift from the angels until you realize that you have to announce surgically perfectly to keep the tool from destroying your voice, too.


Hi Koz,
Thanks for your answer. I do not find Noise Gate anywhere; only Noise Removal which I have tried in the past and as you say it does end up sounding worse. Is Noise Gate a plug-in?
I am recording lessons I teach on meditation. I have done professional studio recordings for CD production as well, but these are just the accompanying instruction and insights, to upload for online sale.
yours, Andy

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Also see:

Post a sample of the work. Use good quality MP3 (128 on a mono track).


Hi Koz,
Thanks for your help. Can you are anyone tell me how to install and use the noise gate plug-in?

I followed your link: … Noise_Gate:
to this:
Noise Gate (noisegate.ny) View | Download | Type 3 plug-in

I downloaded and opened the NoiseGate zip file which gave me

but I do not know how to install or use this now??!!

Sorry if I sound so simple, andy

You’re almost there :slight_smile:
Installation instructions are here: Missing features - Audacity Support

Thanks for all your help - this plug-in has done exactly what I wanted, easily.