How to remove such clipping noise

I have attached a sample of a speech recording. There is a annoying clipping noise at some places.
I have tried “Clip Fix” and “Click Removal” with no success.

Does anybody have an idea, how I can filter this clipping noise?

Thanks in advance!

That’s not clipping. That’s a radio microphone losing sync. There is no rescue because there’s no voice there.

This is surveillance work, right?


The very loud bursts of white-noise can be squelched to silence with this “Pop Mute” plugin

What’s a radio microphone? Any idea how to avoid this. The recording was done with such device:

There is no rescue because there’s no voice there.

Correct, but I still want to get rid of the noise. I’m thinking of a filter which could detect those places and delete them to zero.

This is surveillance work, right?

I don’t know what you mean by that.

Thanks anyway!

Sounds good, I’ll try that these days. Thanks!

The sample is typical of someone trying surveillance or hidden recordings. It has no formal announcing or recognizable content. It features off-microphone voices typical of a microphone placed at a hidden location and connected via radio channel to a recorder. If the radio link is damaged, you get blasts of noise like you have.

Also typically, someone will post wanting to be able to listen to the voice behind the noise. Also typically, we tell them they have no chance.

Yes, if you just want to kill the noise and leave a silent hole there, there are applications to do that.


Thanks, this makes sense.
But in my case there is was no hidden recording and no radio channel involved, I was using the inbuilt microphone of the linked voice recorder, so I can only assume, the blasts of noise were caused by EMC, maybe from mobile phones in the neighbourhood, or by defective contact inside the device.