How to remove spikes/audio glitches

Based on the topic, I’m sure you can already tell I’m a total noob when it comes to audio and audio editing.

I have what I like to think is a very simple task if I only could figure out how to do it. Hence my question in here to you experts.

In the audio clip linked below, there are two disturbing spikes/audio glitches about 7 and 8 seconds into the clip. The first one 7 seconds into the clip is the worst one. What I’ve been trying to figure out is how to remove these. Or if not possible to remove them, at least lower the volume of these spikes to they won’t be as disturbing.

Here’s a screenshot where I’ve marked these spikes/glitches when having the audio clip open in Audacity

Here’s a link to the audio clip

Many thanks in advance for any help on how to getting rid of these spikes/glitches!

Envelope tool is one option to attenuate/eliminate such spikes,
but each spike must be corrected individually.

(Soft) limiter (without make-up gain) can bring all the spikes in the selected audio down,
(but at best they will still be as loud as the loudest part of the audio you want to keep).

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Thank you so much for the help as well as the example provided.

Will spend some time playing around with this but I already listened to the example you so kindly provided and it was great to hear the spikes removed. I did find the sound a bit “sharp” though compared to the original sound. Not sure if that is related to what you’ve done to the clip when removing the spikes?

I altered the equalization: I cut the bass to reduce the engine-noise, (which is mostly low frequency),
so the result is inevitably more trebly that the original.
Can be adjusted to taste with Audacity’s equalizer, (real-time equalizer plugins are better, e.g.).

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Ah, got it.

Just listened to the second example and that one is really good! Will go ahead and use that one.

Again, BIG thanks for your help and I would be happy to buy you a coffee as a way of saying thanks if you have any such services connected to you account.

Have a great 2023!

It still has clicks & pops which can be repaired in Audacity …

[ Time-consuming though ].

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Thanks again.

What I have now though is perfectly fine for me :slight_smile: