How to remove room noise on soft recordings like cats purring and/or whispering?

hi guys,

I am relatively new to Audacity and I have tried it with the multiple tools included in Audacity but can’t seem to get this to work.
In other audio tracks, you highlight a section → click noise reduction → click get profile → go back highlight full track → noise reduction and then apply.

In this case, no matter the section I use to ‘get noise profile’ - it impacts the cat purring sounds, where I just want it to remove the hum/hissing/hushing background room noises.

(Having same issue, in similar attempts for a whisper video, where it makes me ‘tinny’) - what am I doing wrong?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Noise Reduction is going to fail if the show is too similar to the noise. Purring = Room Rumble. It will also fail if the performance is too complex—the show sound is too close to white noise. Whisper = white or pink noise.

I just want it to remove the hum/hissing/hushing background room noises.

You want Noise Reduction to turn your room into a special effects sound studio.

it impacts the cat purring sounds,

What is the first number in your reduction settings? If it’s much over about 12, it’s going to damage the show.

Noise Reduction used to be called “Noise Removal.” It was changed because too many people were expecting it to actually remove noise to zero. It won’t do that. Sometimes you can use one of the other tools like Noise Gate, but that’s much more likely to work with human speech. Again, you are shooting Special Effects and need a dead quiet, echo-free studio and very good quality microphone system.