How to remove pops / clicks in a police scanner radio recording?

What’s the easiest way to remove the popping / clicking sound when someone queue’s up(pushes their button to talk) on the radio scanner? Is there a way I can remove all similar sounds that are for example .25 seconds long?
I’ll include some audio so you can hear what I’m talking about. You’ll notice the pops at the beginning & the end of them talking.

I’m still learning about how Audacity & audio works so if you could explain it to me like I’m a child, :see_no_evil: I would be greatly appreciated it!

There are no native tools in Audacity to remove pops & clicks automatically. There is an Audcaity plugin called PopMute, but you’d have to create a control track to fire it based on the fact that the pops extend to 5.5 kHz , but the audio stops at 4kHz.

before-after PopMute

[The easiest solution is noise-removal plugin$ which use AI].

It’s complicated …

NB: This solution is only going to work on audio the same as Shae’s:
where the unwanted pops extend to 5.5kHz, but the audio only extends to 4kHz.

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