How to remove popping sound between merged audios?

Hello everyone!

I’m back…with another issue unfortunately. =/
The problem that I keep encountering recently is how to eliminate the popping sound between the transitions of two audios when merging the two. I tried the Noise Removal as well as the Click Removal removal, but to no avail; the noise is still there. I also read that there’s usually a gap between the jointed audios and that one should try to bridge the gap by zooming and dragging them closer, but I couldn’t find the empty space.

The pops appears between 0:07-0:09 in the following attachment.

Please help. :frowning:

I can’t listen to your file because I’m at work. I opened the file and I couldn’t see anything, but without listening I can’t tell exactly where to zoom-in.

How to remove…

It’s always better to prevent a problem than remove it later. :wink:

You might have some DC offset in one or both of your files, or the files may have been cut in the middle of a “wave” (not at a zero-crossing).

DC can be removed with the DC offset remover pug-in, or with a 10 or 20Hz high-pass filter. You need to remove the DC offset before joining the files.

A short fade-in & fade-out (a few milliseconds or more) before joining should also remove any “glitches”, no matter what the cause. Or, you can use a crossfade to “blend” the files. You can us a short unnoticeable crossfade, or something longer.

A gap or silence won’t cause a “click” or “pop” as long as each file (or selection) begins & ends with silence, and has no offset.


Man of the Year right here, Ladies and Gentlemen!

So basically the solution is this: Highlight the very end of an audio and apply Fade Out 8-10 times to ensure that it’s completely silent then merge the second audio at its end and the popping sound will be gone!

Thank you DVDdoug! You’ve saved the day!