How to remove hardware crackling from my microphone?

That’s my laptop’s built in webcam, not really sure why it’s called USB2.0.

disabling the GENERAL WEBCAM ... device altogether?

I’m looking into, I opened an issue on the Mint forums recently on how to disable a video input device to see if it would help with the crackling.

The HIDapi will run on yours

Despite reading the readme like 5 times, I’m still not quite sure what this is supposed to be or do.

Does the HD-Audio Generic ... driver interface indicate it can “see” the webcam audio at all?

Not really? Not sure why it would, the audio is captured through the webcam’s audio card itself. Should it…?

For troubleshooting, I use the HIDapi to ping the ports- in most cases the system should have these pegged.
The sound processing from the webcam is performed by the sound chip/card, and Alsa looks like it has things covered. It’s a Realtek ALC256, note there is no equivalent of their hd audio manager, which solves a lot of issues in Windows. There may be alternatives like Pulseaudio. Can that internal mic be disabled in favour of the Webcam mic?
USB Mixer” appears to be a construct for a detected sound source, the sound chip would still process the inputs and outputs to it.
Another troubleshooting tip: If the webcam has any of its own speakers online, can the laptop still drive output to the internal speakers?

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