how to remove/filter out unwanted audio noise using audacity?

I do have a short audio file, the audio file is of someone reading the letters “ke”, however around 2/3 of the audio file you can hear a disturbing background noise that I don’t seem to be able to remove using Audacity. Maybe you have to put your volume a bit higher to hear annoying background noise.

Since I’m new to Audacity and audio editing, I would like to get your professional opinion if this kind of background noise is easily removable? If yes, how?

audio file:


It sounds more like a synthesized voice than background noise. Consequently I don’t know which part of the sound you want to remove.

I hear what sounds like a door slamming in the background.

On such a short clip, it is hard to find exactly where in the audio it is occurring. One way to fix a problem like this is to find a section of “good” audio and paste it over the “bad” audio. This may or may not be possible to do. Take a look at this clip:

Here I have duplicate the track. Then time-shifted the duplicated track .1 sec to the right. I create two fade-in, fade-out sections, surrounding the section with the “bad” audio. Then did the fades, and Edit > Remove Special > Silence the “bad” audio and parts of the duplicated track I didn’t want. In this case, the “noise” was reduced, but you can probably do better if you can further identify exactly where it is occuring. Even better, you might be able to locate the same sound from another section of the track and similarly paste it in.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

It sounds more like a synthesized voice than background noise.

When someone asks for help to clean up a selection, we use studio or broadcast as the standard. If your original work wasn’t up to that, then we have two problems and have to choose. It’s not unusual for home recordings to have multiple problems.


Thank you so much for the helps.