How to remove clap-sounds and clipping?

below are two files containing clapping (the first) and clipping (the latter). I couldnt fix it with De-clicker and noise reduction. I cant cut the clap either, because it is as long as the word I speak. So I would also cut the word.

Concerning the clipping: I recorded it with a pretty low pre-amp, so it didn`t occur because of a missing limiter-filter. When I pronounce certain long vowels, I sometimes get that clipping-sound. It is just my voice.

Any way to save the recording?

Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual instruments, voices, or noisemakers. So the clapper is now a performer in your show.

That second sound file isn’t overloading or clipping. We would need a lot more than three non-English words to get the feel for what “normal” is.

But nobody is laughing at the Broken Voice thing. There was a recent audiobook-bound forum poster whose natural voice sounded like a broken microphone. That took us a long time to find.

Read a longer script, 15 seconds, and post it as WAV, not MP3. Never do production in MP3. MP3 can cause permanent sound damage and it’s hidden.

You could use this one.


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Thanks for your answer.

Good that you mention that mp3 causes problems. I noticed sounds in my file that made me wonder how they got in there. I will try WAV from now on.

One word about the clipping file: If you tune up your system volume to 100% and use headphones, you should hear a tremor in it. Even if it wasn`t recorded in English. So the problem is not unclear sound but rather unpleasant sound.

It’s possible to get long or extended tone distortions if you recorded your voice while Skype, Zoom, Meetings, Games or other programs are napping or still running in the background. Those programs hate music and any other presentation with extended tones.

The programs will try to delete the sound which could be where your off sound is coming from.

No, once that happens to a performance, you’re pretty much stuck fixing the computer and recording it again.


Just a thought on the clap issue. If you can find a clap without it being mixed with vocals, do an analyze plot spectrum on it and see what frequencies are the most prominent. Then try reducing that frequency(s) from the original selection. With some trial and error, you may be able to reduce the clap dominance from the mix.

Thank you both. I found out that those off-sounds happen randomly, but at the same time they are predictable.

Often, when I pronounce a “u”, I hear a shrill tone in my recording. Often, but not always. Speaking closer to the mic reduces chances of that happening. And by “closer” I mean a difference of a 3 fingers-distance. A pop-filter didn`t help either, so I think, that is just how things are.

But the good news is: The spectral presentation can show weird sounds and It lets me delete them. It makes me even deal with saliva-clicks, the De-Clicker can`t find at all.

So the bottom-line for every person who reads this thread and has problems with unwanted sounds is: Use the spectral presenation, isolate the frequency that causes nightmares and press “spectral delete”.