How to remove car beeps from a recording?


I live in a crowded street where you can listen a car beep every few seconds even if I close the window. My smartphone’s microphone is sensitive and it picks those beeps up.

I tried to use Audacity to remove those beeps but I failed. The software removes background noise effectively but how about removing beeps?

I would like an android app or a method that filters the beeps while I’m recording. Or a method that removes the beeps after recording.

I earn money from those recordings so I really need your help and I appreciate every answer.

Thank you,

We don’t make apps for mobile devices, so I can’t help with that.

It may be possible to reduce the beeps using the “Spectral Edit Multi-Tool”
There’s no guarantee with this suggestion - the effectiveness depends on how cleanly you can select the beep sound from its spectrum. The only real solution is to record somewhere quiet - this is one of the main reasons why recording studios are used.

I noticed the same thing when I did a microphone test on my iPod. I have a quiet third bedroom, but I still had to wait for metrobusses to finish going by.

There are two postings from people who turned their coat closets into recording studios. One simply took bedding material in with her and recorded audiobooks that way. The other bought sound deadening panels and covered the inside of the closet with them. Both seem to work.

There is a technique of using a long-distance shotgun microphone in close-up announcing work.

That can get you an interview in very difficult conditions, but it’s expensive and nobody would mistake that for a quiet studio performance.


There was another posting of someone who went back to her open-plan office after hours when they turned off the air conditioning and noisy lights. That was terrifically inconvenient, but it did work. You can use sound proofing in a small room, or a good quality microphone close-up in a very large room.

Both work.

Noise is a common home-recording problem. There is an audiobook mastering document where we described the tools to meet the ACX AudioBook standards. Home Recording Noise by itself doubled the size of the document.


It’s creator Paul Licameli (Paul L) did a demo video …