How to remove background noise?


I’m new to Audacity and I was wondering how do I remove unwanted background human voices and firework bangs from a piece of audio?

Audio Link:

My audacity version is 2.2.2

Thanks in advance

I can’t exactly figure out what the goal was, but are you after isolating just the music bed?


If for no other good reason, the fireworks didn’t get along well with your microphone and it put holes in the music. You can hear it if you’re looking for it. Every time there’s a bang, the volume dips a little. That dip and hole is pretty much permanent even if you do get rid of the bang.

Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments and sounds.

Effect > Noise Reduction doesn’t work with sounds that move around all the time—like voices.

And then there’s the MP3. MP3 does magic things to a sound bed to get small sound files and makes it really hard to do production.

Aren’t any of those available as a CD or download? I can’t imagine Disney missed an opportunity to bill for that stuff.

I didn’t mind listening to the raw track. The minute that announcer started I said, “Oooo. Disneyland!” Or Disney World. Which?


Would there be a way of reducing the firework bangs and reducing the background human voices or not?

It’s from Disney World

I took the bangs out of the first 20 seconds or so. Attached.

It doens’t turn into smooth music. There is no music during the firework pops.


With fairly complex editing and filtering, it is possible to make a small improvement, but there is no getting round the fact that the firework explosions mask the other audio, so there is no way to remove the bangs without leaving a noticeable glitch in the music.

This extract shows before / after editing ONE bang. It took me about 5 to 10 minutes, just for that one edit.
A better solution would be to find the music on CD or music download store.

Alright. Thank you all for your help