How to remove applause and add believable echo?

Hello, My second post in 10 years; the first one was on the same subject but I think the advice I received is out of date for my current version of Audacity 2.3.2 and my Windows 10 PC.

I have several .wav files of classical symphonic music where the work ends, there is a short moment of silence, and then the public applauds.

If I just cut the applause, it sounds unnatural, as the last note’s echo is also cut.

How do I do it in a way similar to the advice I received here 10 years ago?

Thank you.

Audacity now has a better reverb effect, and it includes presets.
After you cut the applause off, add a short fade-out to the end of the remaining reverb so that it doesn’t end abruptly.

Thanks; but I am still unable to do it in a believable way. Here is the original with applause:

and my unsatisfactory edit with applause removed:

What am I missing or doing wrong? Or am I too demanding?

Unfortunately there’s a clap just before the main applause starts, so we don’t have much of the orchestral decay to work with, so I used the “Change Tempo” effect (“high quality” enabled) to extend the decay after cutting off the applause.

I then shaped it a little using the Envelope Tool ( to create a smooth tail to the sound.

Then I duplicated the final note, applied “Large Room” reverb, “Wet only” to the duplicate.

Then apply “Fade In” a couple of times to the start of the duplicate to give a smooth transition into the reverb, and finally mixed the two tracks together.

Thank you; but sorry, despite trying very hard, I am unable to achieve the same result as you. Any chance you could upload a screencast?