How to remove annoying explosion sounds with audacity?

This video here has a cool music that I want to extract.

Sadly, they edited annoying fake explosion sounds over the music that I want.

Here is the sample that I am trying to clean up

Is there any way to remove those explosion sounds? I’m no expert in audacity, and googling for a way to remove sounds from audio only leads to tutorials on removing constant background noise, not distinct sounds.
If anyone can help, thanks.

Not without also removing the music.

That’s correct. Constant low level background noise can often be reduced quite well using Noise Reduction effects such as: Noise Reduction - Audacity Manual
but you are effectively wanting to “un-mix” the explosion sound which is louder than the music, which by analogy is like trying to un-mix the milk out of a Café Latte (can’t be done).