How to remove a specific frequency in Audacity

Hello, How can I remove a specific unwanted frequency out from the track. for example I have a track that runs a frequency of 1-100 hz then I want to remove 50 hz out from the track because I don’t want it. I’d fever anyone who’s expertise in this aspect let me know, please.

Notch filter … Notch Filter - Audacity Manual
“Spectral edit multi tool” can be a notch-filter … Spectral Edit Multi Tool - Audacity Manual

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I can reduce a width maximum at 0.1 that mean I can’t remove it completely. that’s right?

If you look at the spectrogram in Audacity there may be harmonics of 50Hz,
(e.g. 100Hz, 150Hz, 200Hz, etc), which the notch at 50Hz will not remove.

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Thank for your responding. I’ll try my best.

There is also “Spectral Delete” Spectral Delete - Audacity Manual

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Thank you!

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