How to register a translator account for Audacity Manual

Hi folks,

It seems there is no entry for a new comer to register a volunteer translator account for manual:


All links lead to this place, where nothing can be found really.

I really would like to join the translation for the manual. Please let me in! At least gimme a clue.


That link shows:

You can > email us > about any Audacity matter, but not for technical support – this is provided on the Audacity Forum. Please write in English language only. Please tell us your experiences of the Audacity software, documentation or website. We particularly welcome the following:

email us” on that page is an email link. If you click on it it should open your default email client if you have one installed/configured. If you don’t have an email program installed, then most good web browsers allow you to right click on the link and copy the link address, which you can then paste into web-mail (such as Gmail).

Thanks for pointing out, steve.

I, however, have tried to send email to that feedback email address, long time ago and just recently. I believed it was a dead account, not maintained any more. So I came here for help. How long could I get a message saying, “Hey, you are in. This is your pass”?

That address is certainly not a dead account, but it is not an email support address (this is clearly said on the Audacity website). There is an “auto-response” to emails that are received at that address, which states that the email has been received. Bug reports and non-support issues are usually responded to within 24 hours, but occasionally it may take a little longer. As we have just released a new version of Audacity (2.1.2 released on 20th Jan), there has been a lot of email and other matters to deal with.

Your email was received at the feedback address on 20th Jan. I expect Gale Andrews will send you a reply soon.

I’ve received no auto-response. That’s why I come over. Thank goodness, finally at least I know it is being handled.

lots of thx, steve!

I believe that the auto-response comes from, so it’s worth adding that address to your email “white-list” so that it doesn’t get mislabelled as spam.


Sorry for slight delay but I have now sent you account details for Audacity Manual.

I don’t see any autoresponses at all anywhere so I’ve asked Buanzo.