How to reduce volume

What is the easiest and smartest way to reduce the volume in an area of for instance 1 secound?

Probably the quickest way is drag-select the portion you want to reduce and Effect > Amplify and change the top number to the reduction you want, say -3dB. The minus sign gives you a reduction. I can’t describe what that sounds like in words, but you can UNDO and pick another number.


thanks a lot, that works fine. Only it could have been smart if the increase/reduction could come gradually.

Are you looking for Fades or Envelope Tool ?


You just stepped out of “simple” and into audio special effects.

The Envelope Tool will allow you to “draw” the gain or loss musical note by musical note and perfectly match the work on both sides of the correction. It can’t take you more than an hour or so to get it seamless – maybe less. The other way is to layer existing fade tools at each end of the Amplified segment.

This is a cross-dissolve using the envelope tool and two different sound productions.