How to reduce sharpness

Hello all

I was wondering how I can reduce sharpness?

Here is an example of what I mean:


anyone still using this platform?

How do you mean sharpness ? Please describe your issue in more detail.


The sharpness of how “the unseen” sounds in the video

I was referring to the actual pronunciation of the word “unseen” did you watch the 10-second video?

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This is spam, are you a bot?

The link preview window of the link shows Arabic, I can’t read Arabic.
My initial question has nothing to do with Arabic or a blog.

And why should I give my opinion about the appearance and pictures of your blog? What has that anything to do with my initial question?

Where is @steve he who is the moderator of this audacity forum

Spam has been thrown out

Okay thanks @LWinterberg thank you for keeping this forum free of spam.

Let’s make audacity forum great again.

“I open the gates of the unseen…” I am still not clear on what you are referring to. If you are looking for a De-Esser, you could look here: Updated De-Clicker and new De-esser for speech

Yes, the de-esser plugin I have downloaded it but not used it with this project. But yes so the “unseen” portion of the sentence “I open the gates of the unseen” That specific part of the sentence the “unseen” the pitch is too sharp and I want to change that.

But If I would use the ‘change pitch’ effect. It will drastically lower the overall pitch of the voice. I just want to make it less sharp. I have the same problem when I’m using the ‘noise reduction’ effect with other projects. It changes the sounds of sentences by making them sharper.
Maybe a different word is a shrill sound