How to reduce reverb in a speech?

Hi guys, I’m a beginner in audio editing, so allow me a stupid question. I have a video here of an event that took place in a large hall. There was a well-equipped film crew there that delivered good video and lousy audio.

The situation is that two speakers are standing on a stage and giving a presentation. The room echoes quite a bit. You can already guess where this is going.

I want to remove the reverb. I want to do it in such a way that the voices no longer sound as if they were recorded in a huge hall, but clear and beautiful.

I found a recipe for using Audacity and the Noisegate plug-in to remove some of the reverb and experimented with it, trying out just about every conceivable setting. I do get the reverb minimally reduced in small pauses in speech, but not in the actual speech, i.e. where it would be important.

What can I do to really boost the sound? As I said, I’m a beginner, a simple solution (preferably one click) would be a pipe dream.