How to reduce percussion sounds

Hi everybody,
I’m completely “green” at everything concerning editing of music. :blush:
I only use Audacity on already made music.
I have this disk with music from the 60’s which I ripped. The percussion sounds are very strong, and with today’s ears this bothers me a lot. How do I fade the percussion sounds, please?
What tools do this in Audacity?
Much obliged if you can help.

How about a compressor? Set the reaction time to minimum. As far as I know that’s what compressors do. Percussion sounds are louder than the rest of the music and a compressor generally raises the softer sounds and lowers the louder sounds. And percussive sounds are very short, so the shorter the reaction time is, the more it cuts from the percussive sounds. Raising the reaction time lets you keep your percussive (loud) hits while still benefitting of the other compressor effects.

Thanks for the reply jotti, but I don’t really know what you mean.
The values I can change in the Compressor are: Threshold, Ratio and Attack time.
I’ve played with them a bit but I don’t really hear much difference regarding the percussion.
What values should I put in your opinion, please ?

The threshold puts a limit on how loud sounds will be cut. The ratio determins how much the sounds over the threshold will be lowered. And the Attack time is what I called the reaction time. The smallest value seems to be 0.1 s, which might be too long for reducing percussion sounds, I don’t know. You can always exaggerate the values to check how they change the sound, just to get the idea. And there might always be better compressors as plugins somewhere available. That’s at least what I would look for.


I just checked in my Logic Express. One compressor has an attack time range from 0.0 ms to 200.0 ms. So the range of 0.1 s to 1.0 s sounds a bit ridiculous.