How to reduce bass output on MP3 files

WINDOWS 10 User w/ Audacity 2.3.0 Version
I have a situation where the bass is “WAY” to high on recorded music files. The play back is on my Harley Road Glide motorcycle, it sounds like a trash can full of marbles due to the weak plastic structure of the fairing that houses the 4 speakers and amp. I’ve played around w/ bass reduction db but can’t get it to save what I’ve done, nor do I even know if that’s the proper way of doing it…could use some help/advise to tame down the bass on my tunes.


Is that on “all” music files, or just some specific ones?

If you are using the “Bass and Treble” effect, then after you have found settings that sound right, click the “Apply” button, and then Close the effect. Then listen back to the recording and you should hear that the effect has been applied. You can then “Export” the track to create a new file.

When exporting, it is highly recommended to NOT overwrite the original.

Even though it’s not likely to produce a problem for you, the overall sound quality of the new MP3 is going to be less than the original. Compression distortion goes up any time you export an MP3. You can minimize this effect by exporting at a high quality number such as 192 or higher.

The files will be larger but better quality if you do that.