How to recover unsaved recordings?

I made a recording but I accidentally clicked do not need to save and retrieve the recording. help me …! Sorry for the english but I’m Brazileira not know English well.

:neutral_face: Help!'s Very important!

Had you exported the recording (using one of the File > Export commands)?

If not, the recording is lost, unless you try data recovery software like Pandora to find the files that were deleted from the Audacity temporary folder.

If the computer drive is almost empty then you have a fairly good chance of recovering the data (ideally, you also want to find the Audacity “autosave” file too, which will piece together the AU files for you).

If your computer drive is full, you will have lost the files because they will already have been overwritten.

If you have a solid state drive you will need special data recovery software, and if TRIM is on, the data is lost forever.