How to recover the track I was recording

I’m having a real problem keeping track of the audacity tracks. I was recording on a track I’d named, discovered a section that needed editing, went to the end of the track to select it so it would record the new edit, made the edit, went to go back to the original track to find the insertion point (by scrolling up with the cursor and the entire track I was working on had “disappeared”.
How do I recover the original track that has five hrs. of recording/editing on it?
Thanks for any advice.

Sorry. I forgot to say, I’m working with And 2.3.0 on a Mac Mojave edition. The suddenly disappearing tracks are the bane of my existence. Not only that but the scrollbar disappears as well so I can’t even hunt for them. I thought by using the control panel on each individual track to collapse the open tracks it would eventually bring me to the labeled one I was working on. I have no idea what I’m doing or failing to do that causes this to happen or where to place the cursor to expand or contract the tracks area so I know exactly how many tracks are open, and where the (curse of your choice) the one is that I’m trying best to record.