How to record with my Digital Piano?

Hi! First of all, sorry for my English, i`ll try to explain my problem in the better way.

I have a Digital piano Kawai CA5 with a USB and a MIDI connection. I have just tried to use the USb connection and I think that the computer recognices the piano, but then, in Audacity i can`t find what is the input devide that i have to choose.

What i have to do? I’m lost :frowning:


Earlier pianos had a USB connection and they used it for MIDI. Everybody who had one tried to get sound out of the MIDI connection. That doesn’t work. Yours has MID connections and USB sound, so that should work.

See if your computer recognizes the keyboard in your Control Panels or System Preferences. See if you get it that far. If it doesn’t appear there, then there may be something wrong like broken cable or bad connection.


Unfortunately not.
I’ve just looked in the CA5 manual and the USB connection is: “for exchanging MIDI data”.
It is not USB “audio”.

To record the piano the “Line Out” jacks need to be connected to the “Line In” of a sound card, USB audio interface, or similar.

The built-in USB interface allows for direct connection to a desktop or laptop personal computer. Enter the world of computer music and the Internet through one simple connection.

I did look it up. That doesn’t sound much like a MIDI connection, does it? “Computer Music” and “Internet?” How many IP-based MIDI connections do you know?

Right then. So you’d be doing something like this where you substitute the keyboard “Headphone Out” for the mixer in this picture.

Adapters as needed.

If you’re on a Mac, a 1/4" to 1/8" stereo adapter cable will work famously. That’s what I use.


That illustration is of a Behringer UCA-202 and that also gives you the ability to not only listen to the keyboard as you play, but do very high quality overdubbing, multi-track and sound-on-sound. Koz