how to record whole album (LP)

I am computer illiterate but am teaching myself by trial an error but for the life of me I cannot record one side of an album in one go.
When I tried to do this the tracks were all superimposed onto one track.
What am I doing wrong?
At the moment I am recording each individual track and saving, but this is time consuming.

Any help would be appreciated but please remember I am computer illiterate so plain english would be appreciated not computer speak lol

I’m going to send you to our comprehensive wiki system, but the short version is:

Record the whole side. File > Export as a WAV just in case your computer throws up.

Put a label at the beginning of each song. Do Not forget the first one. Tracks > Add Label. You will have a different shortcut than I will. You may need to zoom into the music to accurately find the spaces between songs. Drag-select where you think the gap is. Zoom into selection, Control-E. Control-F zooms out full and Control-3 zooms out a little bit. I live in those three zooms.

After you get done labeling everything, File > Export Multiple. That should give you a pile of files to drag into your CD burning program or wherever you want them. One song per file. If you got stuck on the phone when the record got done, label the noise at the end as a “song.” Then trash it later.

You can get way fancier than that.


Thanks for that, I will give it a go. :slight_smile: Not too sure if I understand it completely but if at first you don’t succeed then try and try again until you do lol :smiley:

question around this (dont want to open another thread).

I have recorded an entire mix of 24 tracks, tracklisted it, locate the file>export multiple, but it only saves the first 2 tracks. I do notice the "split files based: is on Tracks and NOT Labels (Labels option can’t be selected). Can you help me?

See here in the FAQ:
If you need further assistance with this, please start a new topic.