How to record to pc from DJ decks.


Hope someone can assist. I have two DJ record decks which I use to mix records via my mixer. Both decks have usb connection but I can only record one record at a time using Audacity app. When I connect the second deck there is a loud buzzing noise. Looking to see if any one knows how to record what I’m mixing on both decks in order to download recording on to a usb mp3 format.

Thanks Scott

If you have a desktop/tower computer you can connect the mixer’s analog output to line-in on the soundcard.

If you have a laptop with no line-in you’ll need an audio interface with line-inputs. The Behringer UCA202 (or UCA222 or UFO202) is popular and inexpensive. Or, there are other higher-end interfaces. USB audio interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs are very common.

What are the output types on the two decks. If they are RCA phono (female) then it may be possible to find a cable with this configuration.
RCA (left & right male) x 2 phono plug to USB stereo (left & right).

Hi, Thanks for your posts, sorry for the delay in responding back, I’ve been busy with work.

Still struggling to record my DJ Mix. My mixer is 30 year old being an International mixer with cross fader. It doesn’t have usb connection. The set up I have at the minute is both decks connected to the back of the mixer and the mixer connected to my hi-fi with speakers attached to the hi-fi if that makes sense. This set up allows me to record on to a tape (showing my age!) I used to have Technique 12/10 decks but they started to play up and couldn’t find any replacement so I recently purchased 2 new modern decks which have RCA connection as well as usb. I’m not the best with modern technology. I looked at the Behringer UCA202, is this to connect the decks ? Does the mixer not also have to be connected to my laptop and if so how do you do this as the laptop only has a socket for the headphones, 2 x usb connections and HDMI. I used to be a DJ in the techno era 30 years ago and enjoy messing about on the decks to this day. It would be good to listen to my mixes in the car. Also looking for help with Audacity settings when creating my DJ mix once I figure out how to connect everything to my laptop. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You can only record from one USB device at a time so the turntable’s USB connection is not helpful.

I looked at the Behringer UCA202, is this to connect the decks ? Does the mixer not also have to be connected to my laptop

The UCA202 goes in-between the mixer’s analog output and computer. If you want to listen through the hi-fi at the same time a couple of Y-splitters is probably the easiest solution.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion, I’ll give it a go.