how to record streaming sound from other software?


I tried to record PC streaming sound from other sofwares with Audacity 2.2.1, but cannot catch the sound. I use ‘stereo mix’ from recording settings (like told in tutorial), but I manage to record ONLY if I unplug the interface (Roland Quad-Capture). So is it possible to record the sound if the interface is on?

any help? Ideas?

Stereo Mix will only work if playback and record are both set to the same device (either both using the built-in sound card, or both using the USB audio device).

If you can’t get stereo mix working, try the “WASAPI loopback” method described here:


I got answer from Cubase forum: “in audacity you need to change driver to WASAPI and select line out as recording input.”
and that worked.

Looks like I have this same problem again! The earlier solution used to work until today. I don’t know what happened but Audacity doesn’t anymore take the sound from Cubase. I have the latest update of Audacity. I am using the external soundcard (Roland QuadCapture) and in Audacity i have WASAPI selected, playback and recording device are both 1-2 QuadCapture (but the recording device has (loopback) in the end of the word).
With this setup Audacity records well the sound from Web browser and from VCV rack (digital modular synth) - BUT why not Cubase? Like I told this used to work well until today when I tried to have a recording with VCV and Cubase (guitar/synth)… 3 layers live improvisation recording. Aucity recorded only the VCV - but my headphones heard all 3 layers while I played.