How to record sound thro mic in windows 7

Hi, I have upgraded to windows 7 from windows xp where i do not have any problem in recording thro the mike. But in windows 7, i do not have any sound while recording, recording status bar not moving, and nothing happens, when replaying there is no sound at all. But all the other musics are playing. i did go thorough the tutorial, but i do not get any solution. I have downloaded realtek driver from file sharing sites, and it is shoing in the tray as any other icon, and it shows stereo mix, which first i had not. Meddling with the software finally ended in all the sounds to not play. I found this audacity as a best recorder and sincerely microsoft does not provide stereo mix, but downloading Realtek drivers and having all the things , i do not know how to set the recording. Please help, i even downloaded lame encoder. Why so many confusing ideas in windows 7, In windows xp, i did not find any problem. Pl advise

Windows XP did not try to carefully manage all the sound services like Win7 does. We need to wait for one of the Windows people. I’m on a Mac.

Hey, Would somebody give correct instructions on how to record your own voice in audacity in windows 7. What are the settings that i make before i could record. Please

It depends on what equipment you are using.

The basic set-up is:

  1. Ensure that the microphone that you want to record from is connected to the computer.
  2. Ensure that the microphone is recognised by Windows and enabled in the Windows Sound Control Panel
  3. Set a reasonable recording level in the Windows Sound Control Panel
  4. Set the number of recording channels to “1 (mono)”
  5. The recording sample rate should normally be set to 44100 (there are a few exceptions, but go with this for now)
  6. Open Audacity (note that the previous steps should be completed before you open Audacity)
  7. In the Device Toolbar set the recording input to the microphone that you are using
  8. In the Device Toolbar set the number of recording channels to “1 (mono)”

More detailed information is provided in the manual:

Hi, Thank you very much for the detailed reply.
One more clue is to download the latest audio drivers from realtek. This is the major one, which solved my problem of recording in windows 7. The default audio drivers from microsoft updates, is not enough for realtek sound card holders of the system. yesterday, i went to the to download their audio drivers for win7 and vista and then connecting the device to the system automatically gets the correct device settings when you open the audacity.

  1. Why recording through mono instead of stereo Pl let me know.
  2. I am using audacity 2.0.0, can i update it automatically from their site to 2.0.3 upgrade. Or should i have to overwrite the audacity with the new version.
  3. How to record with out the surrounding noise with audacity. Is there any settings with this ?
    Thanks . My recording went smooth. Thanks steve for the reply .
    Nowadays intel does not support some of their old model motherboards . They could extend , so that any body need of mother board drivers, including audio, would be able to download from the original site. Expecting reply from Steve

Because a microphone is a mono device.

A stereo device (such as a CD player) produces two signals, one for the left and one for the right.
A stereo track has one left channel that plays through the left speaker, and one right channel that plays through the right speaker.

A mono device (such as a microphone or an electric guitar) produces one signal that needs to be played through the left and the right speakers.
A mono track has one (mono) channel that plays through both the left and the right speakers.

Download the “Audacity 2.0.3 installer” from here and double click to run it. It will overwrite your 2.0 version with the current 2.0.3 version. If you are logged in with a limited account you may be prompted to enter an administrator password.

What surrounding noise?

Hi, Thank you very much Steve for the clarification.

  1. Surrounding noise means the noises from the surrounding places, like noise of fans, coolers, and other disturbances. I am using audacity free.2. Could it be updated with installer in your reply. What is limited account and what is administrative password. Pl clarify.

Avoiding noise when recording is much more effective than trying to remove unwanted noise afterwards.

  • Find as quiet a location as possible,
  • The recording location should ideally be carpeted with plenty of soft furnishings to help absorb sound reflections - bedrooms are often good -bathrooms and hallways are usually terrible - a recording studio “sound booth” is ideal.
  • Place the microphone close to the thing that you are recording. If recording a voice, take care not to blow on the microphone - a “pop shield” will help a lot.
  • Use a microphone that is appropriate for the task (don’t expect good results from a laptop built-in microphone or a cheap headset mic)

Audacity is free - there is no paid version (though donations are always welcome

As in my previous post - just install the new version and that will overwrite (update) your current version.

See here:

Hi, Thank you very much Steve for all the replies. I some where heard that there is a setting in audacity to listen to this device long back . But i could not remember, it for audacity or some other software. So, there is no settings for mike in audacity. I will install the latest version as per suggestion. Thank you once again

People would kill for a software product that would allow recording a theatrically perfect performance in a noisy room. It’s one of the reasons we still do this:
You still need to get the top-quality microphone and the performer together and hope there are no dogs barking outside the window.


And this:


Re: How to record sound thro mic in windows 7

  1. Recently, my Windows 7 system also somehow became unable to record audio in Audacity 2.0.3 using my front panel microphone. My solution is below in paragraph 4. The rest briefly provides background.

  2. I’ve seen the forum posts suggesting there may be a conflict with Skype. This idea REALLY caught my attention because I recently began using Skype again for the first time in more than a year. But it turned out Skype was not my problem. Completely closing Skype and restarting Audacity didn’t help.

  3. I also saw a forum post suggesting that updated audio drivers should be obtained from the Realtek web site. However, seeing how they write their supporting documentation, I got the impression it may not be safe for ordinary computer users to be looking for solutions there. Realtek advised going to my motherboard manufacturer’s site. From there (the Gigabyte web site), I attempted to use their web interface that can detect the hardware and drivers you have and recommend the appropriate updates. However, trying to install the recommended update didn’t seem to work (not work for me, I mean), either; my driver version number hadn’t changed even after a re-boot.

  4. However, I accidentally discovered in my Control Panel list an item named “Realtek HD Audio Manager.” Selecting that item led me to the solution. See the attached screen capture. As I opened this window, I selected the tab labeled “Mic in at front panel (Pink)” and noticed the button indicated by the upper red arrow had my microphone muted. After un-muting it and testing the levels, I also used the boost function (the button immediately adjacent to the mute button) and then applied the 20 dB boost you see indicated by the lower red arrow.

  5. Now everything is working again. I hope this helps some folks.

Tony M.


Thanks for the post, TonyVA408.

It’s a last resort and sometimes better than Microsoft drivers.

Forum helpers will suggest obtaining updated drivers for your specific computer model from the web site of the motherboard or computer manufacturer. These should be properly matched to your hardware.

As the Realtek site says, any drivers on their site are only generic drivers, not properly matched to your hardware.


Hi, I wish to mention that in my previous post in this forum, I had mentioned that realtek drivers for xp, is there for long time. But recently they thave updated their drivers for windows 7, which has come handy to the users of those older model intel mother boards, to whom interacting as well downloads are nowadays discontinues. My problem solved once i have downloaded the drivers for windows 7 from Really i must thank them for this ,as no where supported drivers are available for older inter mother board users who wish to switch from xp to windows7. after installing just select realtek mike and mono in the input section and you get your problem solved.
Microsoft updates drivers automatically through their window updates and hardware detection. But these are not enough.Thanks

Certainly you may have an older motherboard for which the manufacturer does not supply drivers for Windows 7, and in that case generic Realtek drivers may be useful.

But in my experience where the motherboard has no audio drivers for Windows 7, the motherboard as a whole may not officially support Windows 7, so there may be more problems than just audio.