How to record Multiple people in Ventrilo: Podcast

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Iam new here, my question as it state above is that i want to conduct an roundtable of sorts during my podcast though i don’t know how to have multiple people and have it record it, how that will work with Audacity and i need a little help on how that would work or do i need a plugin.

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Can anyone answer this question?

If you’re talking about several people literally around a table, recording a session for posting later online then a single mic may pick everyone up. However, for more control over the balance between the participant’s voices then several mics and a mixer would be a better bet.

If on the other hand you’re talking about a live online session then you can use the “Stereo Mix” (or similar) option on your soundcard to capture what you hear during the session in Audacity. However, as for how you get multiple participants online in a shared session, that’s a question for your podcasting software, not Audacity. I don’t use stuff like Ventrilo, so maybe someone else can help you out.