How to record in audacity without pulling out each of my hairs


I thought I would simplify my workflow by recording straight in Audacity but I was being a little too hopeful.

I have a template with intro and outro, then create a third track and try to record in it.

Two frustrating things happen that I can’t figure out:

  1. The recording starts after the end of the outro instead of starting at the point where I positioned the cursor
  2. The stereo track I created doesn’t seem to “house” my recording because a new mono track appears for it instead.

Thank you for your help

Appending is the new default.
To change that to always “record on a new track”, tick the box in preferences … https ://

Start A New Track used to be the Audacity default. Everybody with a pulse complained they were expecting the old track to get longer, so that is the new default. As Trebor says above, you can change it to either one and the setting is sticky.