How to record from Turntable

As the title of the post suggests I’m trying to record from Turntable using Audacity 2.0.3 on Windows 7 but can’t seem to figure it out. :confused:
It seems that no matter what settings I choose I can’t get Audacity to hear the turntable I’ve tried playing with my soundcard settings also but just can’t seem to work it out.
I’ve included screenshots from Audacity with the dropdown options it shows so I hope this helps.
If someone can walk me through it step by step that’s be HUGELY appreciated.
Also please assume you are speaking to someone who’s knowledge is very limited

Audacity 4.jpg
Audacity 3.jpg
Audacity 2.jpg
Audacity 1.jpg

How is the turntable connected to the computer?

Via the soundcard it’s not a USB turntable

Does the turntable have a built in pre-amp or do you have a separate pre-amp between the turntable and the Xonar Essence STX?

Separate external preamp & poweramp.

I believe the Essence uses the same control panel as my D2 card in which case you need to configure that as follows:

Then set up Audacity as per the third screen shot in your op, obviously with your line out jack connected to the Line in on the card

As a heads up, however, I am convinced that I obtain the best vinyl transfers via my Asus D2 soundcard @ 24 bit/96khz resolution, and you may need to jump through some hoops to get Audacity to do that.


Please describe how it is all connected together.

Also, I’ve come across the Xonar Essence STX before on this forum and as Shaky wrote it has its own control panel that needs to be set up correctly. I can’t help much with the Xonar control panel as I don’t have a Xonar, but the Xonar manual will hopefully help you.

Errm the way one usually connects a preamp & poweramp. Poweramp into main preamp input & then Turntable, CD Player, PC etc into appropriate preamp inputs. I’ll see how I go tonight with all the recommendations/advice given & let you know.