How to record from different format


I have some music tracks in a format that I can only play in Winamp if using a plugin. I can’t play them in Audacity due to this, is there a way around this?


What format are they in?

Audacity Version 1.3 can import many file formats if the ffMpeg library is installed.
Instructions for downloading ind installing it are here:


You can sometimes tell what’s going on by right-click the music file > Properties > Advanced. Read the format if it tells you.


You could play the weird format track using Winamp and have Audacity record the sound …

I think there’s a plugin in winamp to save the output as wav. In the preferences for the output device, there used to be an option to redirect the output to a file it would save a wav IIRC

Options > Preferences > Plugins / Output
select “Nullsoft Disk Writer”.

Whatever WinAmp plays will then be written directly to disk instead of playing through your sound card.
You will need to “configure” the plug-in to set the required folder and format for the output file.