How to record clean vocals with online music source


I was using the simple Windows Voice Recorder in Windows 10 to make my recordings, but with 11 it appears that’s no longer possible. You’d think there’d be a simple substitute somewhere in the vastness of cyberspace, but if so, it hasn’t Gurgled up in my searches, so I’m forced to go a bit higher tech with Audacity.

I’ve learned how to import a file to sing to, and how to record it and my vocals, but the latter sound pretty awful, with garbling and latency issues. To be clear, I’m not trying to play with it, adding effects and picking and choosing the best bits. I’m simply trying to get a clean recording of my voice along with the music, as I did for years with my previous setup.

Any assistance would be appreciated, or if you know of a way to accomplish my aim that avoids my having to tech up, please pass it along.

I think this was replaced with Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder.

Thanks for replying

To be clear, it’s a matter of 11 not supporting that mix, regardless of its recording app. It appears it’s a driver issue - switching back to 10 is possible, of course, but the drivers aren’t available that allowed for the previous situation.

But I’m the OG technoramus, so whadda I know?

To record what is playing on your computer, see:

For overdubbing with your microphone, see: Tutorial - Multi-track Overdubbing - Audacity Manual

The garbling is probably Windows “audio enhancements”,
which should be turned off for singing.

Once you’ve measured the latency, dial-in the compensation, set & forget …

Much obliged, Trebor - I think you done sussed it.

I turned off enhancements for both input and output, which I assume was the meet thing to do, fired her up to sing along with some John Prine, and both the garbling and latency had dissolved into the ether.

That’s the baseline for me. Maybe I’ll learn how to pretty things up as time passes, but just to be able to get back to making clean audio files is a stone relief.

Now all I got to do is sing better …

Update: Things went pretty well this evening

Aside from my voice

But I did encounter the lag thingie again with one track. My vocals were about a second late. I noticed that the sound waves for it were massive.

Any connection? I downloaded another track for the song, and there were no worries.

I think Trebor may have broken the code - see below.

Thanks for your attention to this.

So odd …

I tried recording several songs this evening, using Movavi Screen Recorder, and none of them had lag issues, except one, which occurred no matter which video I played, including this one

It’s the same bugger as with Audacity, and my pea brain has no idea why this one song, across multiple iterations, would be so vexing, do you?

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