How to record both incoming and outgoing sound in video-conferencing?

Hi there,
I am using Win10, a current verson of audacity and a USB-Headset.
My problem: I would like to record a video conference without the video, that only the sound (my voice and those of the other participants). I hoped that with Audacity it should work, however, I cannot find an option in “preferences” and whever device I choose, does record only either my voice or incoming sound.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in avvance!

We used to do this with a separate computer that would join the conference with no microphone. Then record the speaker feed. That will have everybody on it.

I don’t know a reliable way to get one computer to do a total recording and participate at the same time. There may be a way to force the sound pathways to work, but that will destroy the conference quality, the whole point of the exercise.

You can put the conference on speakerphone and record the room by putting your phone on the table. That sucks for sound quality, but it does work.


Which Video Conf Tool are you using? Your User name implies it is Zoom?
With Zoom you can record the entire session as video, in addition you can record separate audio for every participant. So you can either create a full audio stream by layering all single audio files on top of each other, or extract the audio from the recorded video file.

you can record separate audio for every participant.

[Writing that down.]