How to Record a Saved MIDI file on my keyboard to laptop

I’m sure this question has been asked a hundred times, but I couldn’t find it:

I’m having issues getting my keyboard (roland fantom x8) connecting with my Windows laptop. I have MIDI In/Out to USB cables connecting the two, but no sound is produced when playing the keyboard through the laptop. How do I use Audacity to recognize that the two are connected? And then how do I go about recording the file on my keyboard to the laptop?


If you use the computer to tell the keyboard what to do with a sequencer program, then the keyboard itself is creating the sound and you can adapt the Stereo Line Out of the keyboard to your computer, or do what I did and adapt the keyboard Headphone output. On most Windows laptops, this involves a stereo USB adapter.

If you push the keys on the keyboard, but the computer makes the sound (generally not a good idea, but that does work), Then you have to get that whole thing set up without Audacity, and then set up Audacity to record from the computer. This is similar to self-recording of YouTube or other on-line service.


Most people smooch together MIDI with sound. They’re very different. MIDI is machine control. Push this piano key and hold it for this long. It doesn’t care if the key makes any sound or not.


This FAQ may also be useful


BTW, that stereo USB adapter is probably the Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface.

You can google it or look on eBay etc., but here’s a link to the Amazon page:


I think Koz is the one who recommended it as a relatively inexpensive way for me to record directly from my stereo/radio. It has RCA jacks to connect to the input/output jacks on a stereo or amplifier, and a USB connector to the computer. You can also use it to play audio on the computer through your stereo system, or record from it… and apparently from your keyboard or similar devices.