how to record 8bit - mono - 8000 HZ 64kbps

i have one big problme with Audacity 2.0.3

how can i record 8bit - mono - 8000 HZ 64kbps with this software! i need just this option for my recored file! plase help me how can i config this software for recored file to this information 8bit - mono - 8000 HZ 64kbps!

plz help me!

I’m not sure if you can record in that format, but certainly you can save (export) at 8-bits, 8000Hz.

In the lower-left corner of the Audacity Window, you’ll see “Project Rate (Hz)”. Change that to 8000.

File → Export
Save As Type: Other uncompressed files
Header: WAV (I’m assuming its a WAV file)
Encoding: Unsigned 8 bit PCM. (Also an assumption. Unsigned PCM is standard for 8-bit WAV files.)

If that doesn’t work, try u-Law encoding or check your requirements. 8-bit/8kHz u-Law is common for telephone systems.

(The 64kbps bitrate is automatically determined as 8-bits x 8000 samples per second. With uncompressed files, you don’t set the bitrate manually.)