How to prevent my waveform from ever going louder than -0.5 DB and clipping

I’m trying to do really basic voiceover Tracks for youtube. I record the voiceover while slating certain sections to separate them, then when finished I go back in and apply Denoise, and the silence areas with no talking and remove any extra noises/bad takes.

From there my goal becomes making it a consistent volume throughout, Targeting the Youtube recommended -14LUFS. I apply a compressor to each individual section between slates, then I apply Loudness Normalization to each section, specifying percieved loudness as -14 LUFS. This gets my track to the volume I need it at, but I noticed that it’s touching 0dB so there’s some clipping. Other than that it’s as loud as it needs to be. Here’s a picture of the project up to this point. The Rightmost part has not had any loudness normalization applied yet

How do I hard cap the waveform from ever going above -0.5dB? I’m assuming that prevents clipping. I know that’s a thing people do because I’ve seen it before, but I don’t know how to do it.

Thank you!

(soft) limiter (without make-up gain)

THANK YOU That’s exactly what I needed. I had tried the limiter before, but I had the waveform display set as Linear (amp) instead of Linear (db) so I didn’t understand the numbers.

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