How to play intro once and then loop over rest of the song

I am on Ubuntu 18.04.2 and I have installed Audacity 2.2.1
I have a song with multiple tracks (drums, bass, guitar) with an intro and then an additional piece of 24 bars (it’s a 12 bar blues, so it’s going over it twice). I want to play this with the intro and then looping over the other 24 bars. I know how to select a section over which I can play a loop
First of, it’s a bit inconvenient that it starts playing as soon as I select the section and after pressing stop the selection disssappears.
Most importantly though, I would like it to play the intro and then loop over the subsequent selected section. How can I do this?

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You are “selecting” in the wrong place.

If you click in the “Time Line” (the ruler above the tracks window), or make a “selection” in the Time Line, that triggers “Timeline Quick-Play” (see: Timeline - Audacity Manual)

To make a normal audio selection, click and drag on the actual tracks (the blue wiggly waveforms) that you want to select.
There are also other ways to make audio selections. See here for a full run down: Selecting Audio - Audacity Manual

Audacity doesn’t do things in “real time”, so there is no “live looping”.
To repeat the middle section of the track:


I might have understood you wrongly, in which case I apologize, but it seems what you are saying is that I can only loop over selected parts of a single track (i.e. the waveform). But that’s not what I want. I want to loop over a part of the song but over all (3) tracks simulteously.
Like this:
INTRO DRUMS [(start loop) 24 bars of drums (end loop)]
INTRO BASS [(start loop) 24 bars of bass (end loop)]
INTRO GUITAR [(start loop) 24 bars of guitar (end loop)]

The only other solution I can think of is copy the part of each track that I want to loop, of each track, and paste those 10 or 20 times at the end of the song. But it seems a bit primitive to me.

A selection can cover multiple tracks.
See: Selecting Audio - Audacity Manual

If multiple tracks are selected, then any affect applied is applied to each track. In this case, every selected track is repeated.

Well, I am sorry to say I tried all of the suggestions, but it all came down to what I did already: yes, I can repeat a part of the songs (all tracks at the same time) but I cannot first play the intro and then, next, continue with the selected part of the song on repeat. Like so:
INTRO DRUMS + LOOP [(start loop) 24 bars of drums (end loop)]
INTRO BASS + LOOP [(start loop) 24 bars of bass (end loop)]
INTRO GUITAR + LOOP [(start loop) 24 bars of guitar (end loop)]

I find it rather silly that this is not possible. It’s an easy thing to do in Cubase or Magix and something I think loads of musicians would want to do.
So I will leave this as a feature request.



Okay, that does the trick, but it basically just copies and pastes a certain part of the song. It’s fine for my purposes, but not really what I asked for. Because if I select “Repeat 10x”, then it will loop over the part 10x, not infinite times. And if the next time I only want to repeat 3 times? But never mind. It’s fine.