how to play back: mp3 export needed?

OS 10,11,6
Aud 2,1,2
I installed Soundflower and LAME.

I’m recording successfully (I assume) from internet radio stream. Got my green monitors wigglin’ and my blue audio thingy wavin’, and disk space remaining creeps lower. All looks good. BUT–
I want to listen to the file later not necessarily as mp3s, one continuous file is better.
I don’t know how to find the audio file I am creating (newbie question I know).
Once I find it, will I be able to transfer it onto a memory stick and play on another Mac with Audacity installed?
Or is it better to import the whole multi-hour file into iTunes? (groan)

Thank you.

My personal preference is to tell my Mac to show me everything—all the filename extensions. I’m grown up enough not to be flummoxed by seeing a filename that ends in .mp3.
Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 5.03.26 PM.png
You can send a WAV, MP3 or quite a number of other music files to any Mac and QuickTime Player will play it for you. Audacity not required.

If you saved an Audacity Project…

instead of an actual sound file, then yes, the only way you’re going to play that is Audacity. Even though the Audacity dialog suggests you are only saving an AUP file it actually saves both and you need both for the show to open.

You are probably the one place where MP3 makes sense. When MP3 export asks you for the quality setting (Audacity default used to be 128) higher is better. On-line music was probably already compressed into MP3 before you got it, and doing it twice doubles the sound compression distortion, assuming you used the same quality setting they did. So go higher.

If you can stand WAV, your quality will be the same as download, but you can’t safely go over between 2GB and 4GB files. So that’s not a good choice for super long recordings.

Nope. MP3 it is. You don’t have to mount the music in The Dreaded iTunes, although that will play multiple, say, hour-long (635MB stereo WAV) performances one right after the other. Make a playlist and turn it lose.

By my calculations…You should be able to get just over 3 hours of full quality, stereo WAV before you hit the first WAV filesize restriction. You could make several of those depending on what the show is.

You didn’t say how much work you actually had.


Thanks Koz, your reply helped. I am now saving 7 hours of streaming as an AIFF file. I hope there isn’t a time restriction like there is on WAV.

Missing link was: I posted the query while I had not yet tried to save the recording (I let the radio stream overnight). Until I ended recording and saved, I didn’t know from the (otherwise excellent) instructions that the procedure is actually dead easy. (So far.)

Cheers and thanks again!

My day on my open market stall will be much more cheerful without having to suffer constant wifi drops. Doesn’t matter to me if jazz radio is not Live…

Audacity calls saving an audio file “exporting”.

AIFF has the same restriction as WAV, maximum 4 GB.

If you don’t need to play the files in iTunes you can try FLAC which is half the size of WAV or AIFF, still lossless, and has no practical size limit. You can install VLC which will play FLAC files.