How to Play AU Files without Audacity?

AU is a special audio format that can only be played using Audacity. Unfortunately, I want a format that is more inclusive. I tried to use a free online audio converter to help me convert the format, but the effect is not ideal, some cannot recognize the AU format, some have poor sound quality after conversion, and even some files There are also advertisements after downloading, thinking and making me worry about the safety of my computer and files. At present, the most satisfactory desktop converter I have used is the iMyMac Video Converter, but my free trial period has expired. Is there any other free converter?

Yes, well .AUP and .AUP3 files more specifically. .AU files are little 6-second .WAV file chucks that when assembled via the .AUP file mapping form an Audacity project.

Audacity is the only program I know of that can read .AUP and .AUP3 files. To convert these files to a different format, simply load the project into Audacity and File > Export into whatever format you please.

The current version of Audacity can read both .AUP and .AUP3 files. If you have only the older .AUP projects (and associated data directories) you can load 2.4.2 from here: Old Audacity versions download

To be precise, they are not actually WAV format, but they are “linear PCM”, and WAV is also PCM (and so is AIFF), so the format is similar to WAV. They are actually “Audacity blockfile” format, which, if I remember correctly, was loosely based on the Sun Microsystems Audio File format.

Yes. “Audacity”.
While Audacity is not strictly an audio format converter, you can import .au files into Audacity in the same way as any other supported audio format and they are read perfectly. Then you can export in whatever format you want. Of course it is usually better to work with Audacity “projects” rather than individual blockfiles.

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