How to play and edit audio files with .bnl extention


I need help in play and edit of audio files with extension .bnl on a Windows machine.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Are you sure it’s an audio file?
According to this it’s a “MicroSim PCBoard Netlist File For The Board Layout” file.

Hi, Thanks for the reply.
Actually it is a file created by a china made electronic pen which scans text from a paper and converts this text to speech and when we save it through usb cable on our pc it is saved as .bnl file. But I am having problem in playing these files on a pc because no audio player even real player is able to play it.
That’s why I asked for learned forum members for help.


You will probably need special software made for the pen. .bnl is not a standard audio format.

Are there any specifications available?
If it is a uncompressed format, the file could be read as raw.
Since it is originating from a TTS engine, the sound-rate is probably 22 or 16 kHz. Another question is if big or little indian is used (which bits are coming first, LSB or MSB).
But the information could as well be encoded as LPC data (linear prediction coefficients), which works quite well for speech.
How is the audio usually obtained? Do you use head phones connected to the pen?

when we scan a piece of text it is saved in a folder inside the pen as a file with .bnl extention.This pen has lots of embedded memory. We can play the file using a speaker inside the pen. If we connect a usb cable to the pen, we can also download the file to our pc.

big or little indian



Big Oops!
I didn’t want to introduce additional ethnic flavour, especially when we’re talking about a chinese pen anyway. Thanks Koz.

Ok, how big are those files? I mean, for a certain length of speech. Are you sure they aren’t simple text files (from the OCR) which are interpreted by the pen’s TTS engine?
Have you any possibility to record the pen’s output? What are the languages the pen works with?