How to place multiple markers for easy playback of a section

Hello Audacity folks,
Thanks a lot for the opportunity to use Audacity.

I am not so sure if I raised this question before, but I am looking for a way to place multiple markers on a voice track so that by clicking on the “Fast Backward” button, I can playback a particular section between the two markers as many times as I want before moving on to the next section. For example, if a voice track has “I am a boy,” I want to place markers between “I” and “am,” “am” and “a,” and “a” and “boy.” Then save it for later use.

I tried [Silence Finder] and [Labeling], but it didn’t do what I wanted.

Some other audio SW can do it easily. I just place markers along the wave track. When I save the track in a sub-directory, it’s automatically spliced and saved sequentially.

Does Audacity already has this capability? Could someone help me how to accomplish this?


You can add markers (labels) as follows: create a Label Track and then, whilst listening to the playback, use Ctrl+M to insert labels at each point where you want them. However, I don’t whether you can then use these labels to control your playback in the manner that you want as I rarely use labels, and never for that purpose.

See here for full details about labels:

If you click in the text box of a label, you can tab along to the next label, or shift+Tab back to the previous one, though this may not be the easiest way to navigate around a track in Audacity. See here for the many methods of navigating:

Labels can be used to mark the positions for exporting a track in multiple parts. See here for details: