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List of Recommended Brands and Models of Microphone

At the end of one helpful blog post on microphone types, the first commenter asks, “Can you suggest a desktop microphone that we should use?” You may be asking the same.

It’s nice to know specific brands and models that others are using successfully. Here are some web pages that give specific mic recommendations.

  1. Audiotuts+: 10 Best Affordable Microphones for the Home Studio. Specific mic recommendations for home recording.
  2. What Microphone Do I Get? A helpful article with a long list of recommended mics for different purposes.
  3. Dolphone Music: Finding the Best Microphone. An article about microphone types with specific microphone recommendations.
  4. HubPages: The Best Microphone for Live Gigging. A look at vocal mics with a specific recommendation.
  5. The Garage Door: All About The Best. A humorous look at microphone recommendations.
  6. Galttech: Microphone Reviews and Buying Guide. A buying guide with specific mic recommendations.
  7. The Musician’s Guide to Home Recording: Choosing and Using Microphones for Your Home Studio. A detailed and helpful article with photos and recommendations of specific mics.
  8. Blog Relations: Shure SM-58 – Still the Best Microphone. A good general purpose mic.
  9. eHow Expert Village video: Choosing the Best Microphones for Your Home Recording Studio. A video with specific mic recommendations.
  10. ZDNet: Ode to the microphone: A podcaster’s selection guide. Though this article is a little old now, it gives a long and detailed set of microphone recommendations.
  11. Activemusician: Recording Microphones. A detailed catalog.
  12. Activemusician: Live Sound Microphones. A detailed catalog.
  13. Why AKG Microphones are a Good Choice. A positive review of AKG mics.
  14. ADK: ADK Audiophile Series Microphones. ADK mic catalog.
  15. Tom Lee Music: Studio Microphones. Online catalog.
  16. Shure: Pro Audio and Personal Audio. Online catalog.