How to open and convert DTS wav

Please advise me how to open dts 6 channel wav and how to convert it to stereo. I found something on the forum, but it wasn’t enough for me. Thank you

What happens when you try to import a 6 channel DTS file?

I’ve never used that “oddball format” but I found a sample online. Several steps…

Before you start, [u]FFmpeg[/u] must be installed. (Download & run FFmpeg_5.0.0_for_Audacity_on_Windows_x86_64.exe if you are running the latest 64-bit version of Audacity.) And enable [u]Advanced Mixing Options[/u] ([u]More info[/u])

  • If the file is named .WAV rename it to .DTS

  • Open the DTS file. The tracks won’t be identified but they should be sequenced like this:
    1= Left
    2= Right
    3= Center
    4= LFE
    5= Left Surround
    6= Right Surround

  • Select the Left Surround Right Surround, and Center channels and run the Amplify effect to reduce the levels by -3dB before mixing.
    Mute the LFE. (It’s not supposed to included in the downmix.)

The [u]downmix formula[/u] looks like this:
Left → Left at 0dB (100%)
Right → Right at 0dB
Center → Left at -3dB (71%) and Right at -3dB
Left Surround → Left at -3dB
Right Surround → Right at -3dB

…Of course you can change that if you don’t like the result.

  • Export (temporarily) as floating-point WAV. Mixing will boost the levels and can push the levels into clipping (distortion). Floating point has no upper or lower limits.

When the Advanced Mixing Options window pops-up set it for 2-channel output and direct the tracks as shown above. (Channel 1 is left and channel 2 is right.)

  • Open the stereo floating point WAV mix. It may “show red” for clipping, but that jut means it’s going over 0dB and there is potential clipping.

  • Run the Amplify or Normalize effect and accept the defaults to bring the levels down below clipping (if necessary).

  • Export to your desired format.

Thank you, it helped me a lot
I don’t know how to get to the Advanced Mixing Options window

Set Edit > Preferences > Import/Export > Use Advanced Mixing Options.

Then the Advanced Mixing Options windows will appear after you click “Save” after selecting File > Export > Export…

Thank you very much, I understand now