How to open a complete audio project

I have tried to open a previously recorded project in audacity but its opening the individual files separately. I use a windows 10 laptop and this project was recorded on another windows 10 laptop. I need to open the work as a single file. when I tried the suggestion on import, it just opened all the work as different files in the same window and when I played it, all were playing together.

That’s the talent of the project. It opens enerything in pieces so you can fix it if you want to. If you need it as a single sound file, open the project and Export one.

File > Export Sound

That wording changed a bit over the versions.

Let us know if you get stuck. You will need additional software if
you want an MP3.


There are two parts to an Audacity project. There is an “AUP” file (the “Audacity Project file”) and there is folder that contains the audio data.

For example, if you save a project and give it the name “mymusic”, then a file called “mymusic.aup” is created, and a folder called “mymusic_data”.
Both the AUP file and the _data folder are essential parts of the project and must be kept together.
Inside the _data folder are lots of little bits of audio - do not mess with these.

To open the Audacity project, open the “AUP” file. Usually this can be done by double clicking on it, otherwise, open it from the Audacity File menu “File > Open”.

You can move the AUP and the _DATA anywhere you wish (keep them together), but don’t change the name of either one or anything inside the _DATA folder. Scrambling the names is a good way to kill the show.


Thanks for this post but until I selected an audio file, the File > Export tab is not highlighted. Also, I think you didn’t get my question. This is it: I want to play an entire project as a single recording, how do I do that? Thanks.

Open the project as described in my previous post, then click the Play button. Which part are you having difficulty with?

Describe the show. I can’t visualize what you’re doing, either.

I need it to play as one show, “but when I played it, all were playing together.”

Ummm. What?

Is it possible you recorded several segments meant to go one after the other and instead, they play all at once? That can be fixed.